Archive (Brixton) Long Reach


long reach

Archive Long Reach

Location: Brixton

Here is a short video of our long reach machinery at work. This videos shows a concrete liftshaft being munched down with a hydraulic pulverizer attachement. Dust suppression is always used during the demolition process with emissions kept to a minimum.

Archive Photography Video


Archive photos

Photography Archive Video.

Location: Various

Here is a short video showing various sites we have worked on. This video shows different methods of skilled demolition that our workforce uses to complete contracts on time.

Felnex Trading Estate, Hackbridge London Video



Felnex Trading Estate

Location: Londond Road Hackbridge

This video demostrates the demolition techniques used when dismantling large scale industrial warehouse complexes.

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Foundation removal video



Foundation Removal

Location: Brixton

Here is a short video of a large concrete foundation being removed. Foundations can become a costly exercise in any contract depending on the clients requirements. We do our very best to remove obstructions making the site area ready for use.

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Gleep Nuclear Reactor Video



Gleep Nuclear Reactor

 Location: Harwell

This video demonstrates the individual care and attention given by our company to highly specialized projects.

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Heathrow T3 Shelterspan Video


Heathrow T3

Heathrow T3 Shelterspan

 Location: Heathrow Airport

Here is a time lapse video showing our company working air-side at Heathrow Airport.

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